My Dentist is a registered dentist that’s proud to help all our patients, no matter their condition or age. If you’ve had an accident or injury, ACC can provide assistance with dental treatment related to your injury.

ACC can cover dental injuries caused by:

  • by an accident
  • by a sporting injury
  • as a result of medical or dental treatment.

ACC doesn’t cover dental claims if:

  • damage to your teeth or dentures is due to normal wear and tear or decay and gum disease
  • damage occurred to your dentures while you were not wearing them.

It’s important to talk to us prior to treatment so we can help you fill out the proper forms and give you accurate advice about your treatment so you have all the information to give back to ACC.

For more information on the dental treatment ACC covers, click here and here.

Contact My Dentist at 09 218 8988 or to talk about how we can treat your dental injury today!

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