Our Philosophy

We offer a comprehensive and modern approach to dentistry. We emphasise patient education and prevention, as well as providing informed transparent treatment options, and exploring the most comfortable way to deliver dental services.

The root cause of most dental problems is not knowing what’s happening in our mouths and how we can prevent it. Our dentists will not only fix any existing dental issues, but will address and educate what had caused the problem to begin with so that we can reduce the likelihood of it happening again.

We present all the options available for any conditions and provide our professional guidance along the way. Digital photos and X-rays of your teeth are presented on a tablet for you to see what’s actually happening, and we discuss what solutions might work best for you with all the pros and cons. We are strong believers that there is no one size fits all solution to dentistry.

Instead, we work together with you to pick the best plan to suit you in whatever situation you are in, whether it is a cost effective and affordable plan to get your teeth healthy or you’re after a brand new pearly white Hollywood Smile, we will help you achieve it.

A very challenging part of dentistry is finding the courage to actually come to the dentist. Modern dentistry has taught us to listen to your concerns and find out what some barriers to treatment are and find the most comfortable way to work together to overcome them and deliver the treatment to you. We always provide topical numbing gel and a gentle approach before putting any teeth to sleep, to ensure a comfortable experience throughout the treatment. Sedation is also an option available if you require that extra bit of comfort.

At My Dentist, we strive to take care of you from the moment you walk in the door to when you leave us with a brand-new healthy smile. Our goal is to provide an approach you can trust and rely on, that you can recognise us as your dentist, so that one day you will be proud enough to say to anyone “My Dentist takes care of my teeth!”


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